Jørgen Skogmo Founding Partner

[060601] Jørgen Skogmo is a founding partner in shiftcontrol.

Rooted in deep curiosity about the digital realm has taken Jørgen on a journey through technologies and locations. A distinct vision of media concepts in a range of environments (architectural as well as browser based) coupled with the technical ability to quickly prototype ideas and programmatic sketches has brought life to 'next-gen' ideas for clients such as OMA/AMO, PRADA, ZDF, TV2, BBC, JDS, VW, CIID, INNOVATIONLAB and most recently OMNIYAT, and formed strong collaborations with TOMATO, HOSOYA SCHAEFER ARCHITECS and DESIGNSKOLEN KOLDING.

Jørgen has lectured extensively at Designskolen Kolding and exhibited work in Norway (Digital Garden, 1999), South-Africa (Design Indaba, Cape Town, 2000), Tokyo/Shanghai/Milan/Berlin/London/New York/Los Angeles with AMO, 2005), San Francisco/London/Wolfsburg/Copenhagen/Dubai (with shiftcontrol, 2007-2008).

Jørgen's time is shared between business relations, concept development and art-direction on one, and programming, graphic design and 3d modeling on the other.

Jørgen was born 1974 in Norway, works out of Århus, Denmark, where he lives with his girlfriend Anne and his two children Fria (7) and Magnus (2).

In his spare time (if there is any...) he enjoys mountain biking, skateboarding, (very occasional) snowboarding and fuzz-guitar.

Contact: Jorgen Skogmo, +45 23 25 49 97, jorgen@shiftcontrol.dk

Jørgen holds a Masters Degree in Interactive Media from Designskolen Kolding.

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