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  New Holmenkollen Visualization
exhibition  realtime  unity  visualization 

[071003] Shiftcontrol teamed up with JDS Architects to help visualize their winning proposal for the New Holmenkollen Ski Jump in Oslo, Norway.

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visualization  unity  exhibition  commercial 

[071201] The famous Mobiglobe project is updated: More data, revised visualizations and updated sources.

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visualization  generative  realtime  identity  web  flash 

[080131] "... an identity where live data is used for generating all visual elements in realtime and on-the-fly: no static imagery would exist. Instead visual elements are generated whenever they are needed, and thereby reflects the present state of the company. Always dynamic, always changing..."

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visualization  audio_reactive  realtime  broadcast  commercial 


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experimental  exhibition  processing  realtime  festival  visualization  projection  openframeworks 


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competition  architecture  simulation  visualization 


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projection  visualization  festival  prototype  industrial_design  identity  interface  exhibition  web  flash  multi_touch  commercial 

[090821] Shiftcontrol was commissioned by RoboDays to help establish a platform about the history of 'robotics'. Shown as an interactive wall in the SHARED ROBOTICS exhibition, a custom application seeks to explain who, where and when robotics happened.

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visualization  interface  web  flash  experimental 


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art  audio_reactive  visualization  unity  realtime  generative  procedural_animation 


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audio_reactive  visualization  unity  generative  realtime  procedural_animation 


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campaign  flash  web  realtime  visualization