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  TV 2 Broadcast ID Dynamic visuals
realtime  identity  director  broadcast  commercial 

[040501] Design of new broadcast identity in collaboration with TV2Design and Mikkel Koser + Development of custom software to automate the creation of the breakers/idents.

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interface  processing  director  exhibition  broadcast  commercial 

[060701] RFid controlled interface to future trends of broadcasting.

Read more...   Prada shop, show, web Various 2004-2005
realtime  identity  director  flash  web  film  exhibition  commercial 

[051114] Projects for PRADA 2004-2005

Read more...   TV 2 Sporten Smart broadcast graphics
identity  realtime  vizrt  broadcast  commercial 

[061204] Realtime graphics for TV2Sporten

Read more...   Autostadt Mobiglobe Touchscreen installation
unity  realtime  exhibition  commercial 

[061120] Media installation on automobility - interactive visualizations powered by unity. Hosoya Schaefer Architects, Zürich, teamed up with Shiftcontrol, Copenhagen, and Büro Destruct, Bern, to create a media installation on automobility for Autostadt Wolfsburg, a subsidiary of Volkswagen.

Read more...   Mobiglobe 2.0 Update
visualization  unity  exhibition  commercial 

[071201] The famous Mobiglobe project is updated: More data, revised visualizations and updated sources.

Read more...   CIID Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
identity  web  commercial 

[080304] WordPress-based website for Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

Read more...   opennetwork 2.0
identity  interface  web  commercial 

[080330] Version 2 of LYNfabrikken's community site OPENnetwork.

Read more...   BBC FM&T at the O2 Arena
procedural_animation  network  projection  audio_reactive  unity  realtime  identity  commercial 

[080603] Toke Barter from London based Radarstation approached us with an ambitious open mind and the roadmap for the Future Media & Technology division of BBC in hand. Task: Transform the static strategic lines on paper into audience reactive visuals for the upcoming event to be held in the O2 Arena (aka The Millennium Dome) in London. Conceptually anchored to the colored lines in the roadmap, we developed a visual language articulated by algorithmically drawing line representations of text and imagery.

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vizrt  realtime  commercial  broadcast 


Read more...   Unite08 Visual identity
conference  unity  generative  realtime  identity  commercial 

[081021] Visual Identity for the second annual Unity DeveloperConference

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visualization  audio_reactive  realtime  broadcast  commercial 


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openframeworks  conference  generative  realtime  identity  procedural_animation  web  campaign  commercial 


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prototype  unity  identity  broadcast  commercial 


Read more...   Robodays interactive wall
projection  visualization  festival  prototype  industrial_design  identity  interface  exhibition  web  flash  multi_touch  commercial 

[090821] Shiftcontrol was commissioned by RoboDays to help establish a platform about the history of 'robotics'. Shown as an interactive wall in the SHARED ROBOTICS exhibition, a custom application seeks to explain who, where and when robotics happened.

Read more...   unite09 Unity Developer Conference
conference  projection  festival  unity  generative  realtime  identity  commercial 


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interface  php  web  commercial