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  Apophysis fractal flame editor
generative  experimental 

[070112] experiment with the fractal flame editor Apophysis

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procedural_animation  processing  experimental 

[050406] A smal experiment with procedural animation in processing

Read more...   L-System experiment Developed in processing
l-system  processing  experimental 

[060304] Early Lindenmayer system (L-System) experiment in processing.

Read more...   Squid behavior
character  creature  procedural_animation  experimental  processing 

[060221] experiment in behaviorally controlled animation.

Read more...   The beauty of Error Rendering gone mad
generative  unity  experimental 

[060823] Beautiful OpenGL error courtesy of Unity.

Read more...   Fur shader trick
experimental  director  realtime  generative 

[050412] Smal experiement in Director, trying to fake procedural shaders.

Read more...   Spring mesh
exhibition  realtime  director  experimental 

[050311] Part of a row of sketches for the Prada waistdown exhibit.

Read more...   RedSnapper Screen Saver Procedurally animated
unity  creature  procedural_animation  experimental 

[070115] Procedurally animated. Skeleton is controlled by HingeJoints with springs. No collision detection between fish.

Read more...   Suddenly seeing myself QuartsComposer and iSight
web  realtime  experimental 

[070505] Your own online mirror.

Read more...   Cloth and lights Coded in Unity
procedural_animation  generative  identity  realtime  unity  experimental 

[070516] ClothCode iteration

Read more...   Generated explosions Fractal tree growth
unity  l-system  experimental 


Read more...   Viral marketing USB key experiment
research  prototype  industrial_design  experimental 

[070808] The USB stick as platform embodies reuse

Read more...   Dorkbot CPH iPhone - Unity
network  iphone  research  festival  audio_reactive  prototype  unity  exhibition  experimental 


Read more...   Happy new year
simulation  film  realtime  experimental 


Read more...   RE-NEW youmatter
experimental  exhibition  processing  realtime  festival  visualization  projection  openframeworks 


Read more...   carrot2 Clustering Engine
visualization  interface  web  flash  experimental