Patrik Svensson Founding Partner

[060601] Patrik Svensson is a founding partner in shiftcontrol. He develops advanced concepts, virtual worlds, and digital media.

With a background in fine arts and a MA in interaction design from Designskolen Kolding, Patrik's domain is the aesthetical and conceptual. His work is often on the border between art and design, supported by a strong technical skill-set and understanding of contemporary media. Since his graduation he's been working with interaction design on a wide range of projects and platforms, including web, games, architecture and art, first with his own start-up Metervara and more recently with shiftcontrol which he co-founded in 2006. He is also teaching and lecturing on all topics related to design and interaction, both in Denmark and abroad.

His work is centered around interaction with the meeting between the user and the work being the central part. His fascination for the lifelike qualities that emerge from behaviorally controlled systems has led to an open ended approach to design, with a desire to create highly immersive experiences. His work is almost exclusively computational and real-time generated, coming into play as it meets its audience.

Contact: Patrik Svensson, +45 29 80 00 95,

Earlier ventures include Metervara, which later merged with Ascii33 to form shiftcontrol.

Patrik holds a degree in Interactive Media from Designskolen Kolding.