TV 2 Broadcast ID Dynamic visuals
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[040501] Design of new broadcast identity in collaboration with TV2Design and Mikkel Koser + Development of custom software to automate the creation of the breakers/idents.

TV2 is Denmarks biggest Commercial National broadcaster. The project given to us by Anders Korsbek and Gitte Boel Gammelgaard was to investigate how software could ease the production cycle for TV2Promotion and ensure a strong control of the design guidelines developed by TV2Design, in a way that the software could "play along" and generate the design by itself.

We developed a solution that works on Sequences (Cut lists) exported from TV2Promotion’s Edit workstations and then return a code generated animation as a QuickTime movie with Alpha - ready to be overlayed with the composition and Audio mix on the querying workstation.

The software, dubbed PD04, has been running flawlessly since it introduction mid 2004, and currently generates the presentation design for TV2Denmark, and the cross promotion of TV2Zulu, TV2Charlie, TV2TextTV and

Working with Processing and Flash during the prototype phase, we switched to our ol’favourite Director/Lingo for the production version. Object-oriented ImageLingo and the wonderful QuickTime Movie Xtra does the heavy work, relying on coordinates from a horde of tweenObjects. All tightly controlled by a custom timerObject - it runs at 25FPS on modern hardware.

For more info on this project, please contact founding partner Patrik Svensson, +45 29 80 00 95,