Butterfly Malmø Stadsbibliotek
exhibition  procedural_animation  creature  character  realtime  generative  unity  projection  art 

[100412] Working closely with Vision4/Michael Fock, the first in a series of 'interactive narratives' for Malmø Stadsbibliotek (Malmoe Public Library) has been released: A poetic multiprojected journey over the theme of 'transformation' narrated with the symbolic Butterfly.

The journey begins in the library entrence, where a multi-touch screen invites the user to create a unique Good, True or Beautiful 'meme' by playfully interacting with words and imagery.

When ready, the meme is abstracted into texture and behaviour and the meme is transformed into a butterfly wich rises out of the book onto the entrence walls,
and animated towards the next stop on the journey - inviting the user to follow.

Lysets Kalender, a magnificent 18m tall cubic room designed by Henning Larsen, hosts the main projection area, where a high power projector is mounted on a moving head, animating the butterfly flight beautifully around the room.
When the moving projection enters a field covered by an array of static projections, the words of the butterflies meme is coupled with selected quotes from the literature to symbolise the introduction of something 'new' to the already established world.